About The Baldwin Elementary PTA

What Is The PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit organization made up of parents and teachers that exists on the school, state, and national levels. The purpose of the PTA is to partner educators and families together with the unified goal of raising socially and academically strong students. The PTA is a forum to discuss school and student needs and to then devise a plan together with staff on how to address these needs. A PTA's success is dependent on the strength and dedication of its volunteers and members.


What Does The PTA Do? Where Does The Money Go?

The PTA develops a preliminary budget each May that is approved by the membership. Check out the most current budget. With the help of the principal and staff, the Treasurer and Budget Committee develop this budget to fund many school programs and events that take place during the school year. The budget is amended and voted on by the membership throughout the year depending on income earned from fundraisers and school program needs identified on an ongoing basis. For example, here are a few of the important items and programs the PTA has helped to fund thus far at Baldwin:

  • Screens for every classroom
  • Part-time Technology Support
  • Literacy library books used by all grade levels
  • Innovation stations (overhead projection systems) that include Document Camera, PC and sound)
  • Triple beam balances for science labs
  • Full cart set of iPads and cases
  • AIMS math training for entire staff
  • Marquee
  • DRA reading kits
  • STAAR Diagnostic kits
  • Mobile Planetarium & Science Safari Programs
  • LEGO robotics equipment
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Running Trail
  • Software Program subscriptions used by all grades
  • Musical instruments on both playgrounds
  • Classroom sets of books
  • Backpack hooks for every classroom
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Rolling science carts
  • Die Cut Alphabets and Die Cut machine
  • Fine Arts Festival
  • Bobcat Mascot Costume
  • Benches and trashcans for both playgrounds
  • Modeling Clay for Art Department

If you have a question regarding what the PTA does, please feel free to contact our President.