We’re happy that you are interested in being a parent volunteer at Baldwin! Parent volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for the school community; and the more parents participate in schooling, at every level, the better for student achievement. In fact, decades of research shows that when parents are involved, students have:

  • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
  • Better school attendance
  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Lower rates of suspension
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior

Not only will Baldwin reap the benefits of your involvement — you will, too. By interacting with teachers, administrators, and other parents on a regular basis, you'll gain a firsthand understanding of your child's daily activities. Remember that volunteering not only benefits your kids, but will enrich the classroom, the whole school, and the entire community by providing students with positive interaction, support, and encouragement.

Please visit the Baldwin home page frequently for our most pressing volunteer needs. Additionally, please review the list of programs for further opportunities to lead or simply participate. If you are interested in volunteering, email our Volunteer Coordinator to get started.

Thanks in advance for your help!